Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bandung trip : June 5-9

Kucing July 12-14

We went to Sarawak Cultural Village.

Left pic is me checking out the black pepper yang baru nak masak. Still green - but boy - these 'nuts' are so hot!!!
Below, Infront of Melanau House

Above is a nice mural. Left - Fadhil in Orang Ulu Long house. The lady in the background is one of the guests. Apparently, this place serves as a homestay as well. We - non homestay guests - are not allowed to use the bathroom here. We have to go down and find a public one.

Dances during the show

In Iban long house. The heavily beaded "thing' that we wear - costs RM200 and takes about 1.5 months to finish. Kak Maznah, me and Ainul.

In their adat - a man is not considered a man until he kills someone and hangs the head in his house. Having done that, he would be a man and can get married!! Phew!!

The buluh bridge is scarry.

in the long house. This is their sleeping area. Next is the kitchen- as you can tell by the presence of the logs

Pasar Satok. I buy belacan, serai(yes - because it is so cheap), ikan bilis, udang kering plus pure coffee. They grind the coffee beans in front of us.

Makan time at Top spot. Above right is Ambar. Fadhil ingat ke buluh! And below left is the MMCSB gang

Actually, we (all 6 of us minus Fadhil) went to Kuching back in 2006. Here are some pics:

Pics at Bako National Park. And some at Sarawak Cultural Village.
Nabil and Alif at Kuching airport

Guangzhou april 2009

Cameron Highland jan 2009

Thursday, June 25, 2009